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Drought driving factors

Exercises on the text "Drought driving factors":

1. Have another read of the page on drought driving factors and make a note of all the different factors which lead to drought. Can you find any other factors which are not mentioned in the text?  

2. Imagine the possible social, environmental and economic impacts of a drought.

3. In the text you read about risk and crisis management.  Consider the steps involved in drought crisis management and how they work together.   The fill in the following chart “The Cycle of Disaster Management” with the missing words:

  • Disaster 
  • Mitigation 
  • Recovery
  • Impact Assessment
  • Reconstruction
  • Preparedness
  • Response
  • Prediction
  • Early Warning

1. Chart by Stephanie Schnell.

4. Search for websites about drought early warning systems.  Find out how they work, how successful they are and give examples.

About this page:

author: Stephanie Schnell - University of Nürnberg, Germany
educational reviewing: Dr. Helmut Schrettenbrunner and Julia Heres - University of Nürnberg, Germany
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