• Structure of the atmosphere
Structure and composition
an overview page, as part of  Survey of elmentary biogeochemistry, from: Simon Fraser Univ. - Canada
Vertical structure of the atmosphere
the 'spheres' and their properties, from: Oklahoma Climatological Survey

  • Climate Regions
General Circulation and Climate Zones
Lecture notes with illustration making a link between the general circulation systems (topic: weather) and the climate zones of the Earth (classification see basic level), from: Columbia University, New York

  • Greenhouse effect
FAQ about the Greenhouse effect
Frequently asked questions and answers about the Greenhouse Effect, text only, provided by: Commonwealth Scientific & Industrial Research Organisation Australia
Greenhouse effect and Climate Impact
Introduction of the natural and enhanced greenhouse effect and the potential impacts, text only, from: George Mason Univ. Virginia

  • Greenhouse gases
Greenhouse gas emissions and trends
Short illustrated overview of greenhouse gas emissions and trends, links to further reading, from: School of Public and Envir. Affairs, Indiana University

  • Earth's radiation budget
Global and local energy budgets
energy balance of the Earth and albedo calculations, text with illustrations and schemes, from: University of Wisconsin-Madison
Solar radiation and the Earth's energy balance
Comprehensive text based lecture on radiation, fluxes, balances and the interaction of light with the atmosphere
Visualisation of the Earth's radiation
colour diagramms of the radiation emitted to and by the Earth, mathematical explanations, from: University of Wisconsin - Marathon County
Earth's energy budget in short
short overview page of the Earth's radiation budget with energy scheme, from: Oklahoma Climatological Survey

  • Nitrogen Cycle
Overview of the nitrogen cycle
text based summary with overview scheme, from: University of Missouri
Chemistry in the nitrogen cycle
text based overview of chemical reactions and oxidation processes, from: University of California, San Diego

  • Carbon Cycle
Lecture on the carbon cycle
in 17 slides which richt illustrations, focus on geological aspects, from: Univ. of Maryland, Department of Geology
Counting on Carbon
overview of the carbon cycle, the greenhouse effect and political measures and needs, in text and illustration, from: ESA / CEOS Earth Observation Handbook
Carbon cycle in numbers
Short overview of sources and sinks in the carbon cyclo, flow chart, from: College of Geosciences, Univ. of Oklahoma

  • Emissions from vegetation
Formation of isoprene and monoterpenes
Chemical mechanism for isopren, monoterpenes and lipids in plants, from: University of Southern Maine

Global Fire Monotoring Centre
all information about the global fire status and background information about vegetation fires, located at: University of Freiburg, Germany
Observation of Biomass Burning
essay on the observation of biomass burning by remote sensing, scientific article, from: University College London, Dept. of Geography

  • Ozone and smog
What is smog?
a brief introduction on types of smog, from: Environment Canada
Local example - New England
Ozone information for the North-East of the US American coast with samples of measured ozone values, ozone warning index and links to further information, from: US Environmental Protection Agency EPA
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