Wind in art education

Have a look at the picture of a storm painted by the British landscape artist, J. M. W. Turner.  Turner lived between 1775 and 1851 and is one of the best loved English Romantic landscape and marine artists. He became known as 'the painter of light'.

1. The storm. Painter: J. M. W. Turner.  Image source:

1. Questions about the picture:

- What is your first impression?
- How did Turner make it obvious that the ship is in a storm?
- What happens to the ship in the middle of the picture?
- How does Turner guide us through his picture?
- When was the picture painted?

2. Draw your own storm picture.  In the same way as Turner, use the contrast of violet and orange colours and the effects of shadow and light.

2. Stormships.  Painter: Gert Bauer, 2003.



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