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Topic: Weather. Basics.
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  • Weather and its parameters
Clouds R US - weather website
Website with a lot of background information about the weather, games and experiments for the young
Measuring weather parameters
Setting up a weather station in school and description of the parameters and how to measure them
What is the difference between weathre and climate?
Explanation of weather and climate and how they are measured - provided by he Missouri Botanical Garden Education division
The Weather Dude
Website on weather provided by the TV meteorologist Nick Walker for kids, students and teachers

  • Wind & Storms
NOAA Weather Education
Overview of different resources in weather teaching with a focus on wind and storm (PDF guides, online pages, interactive tools, explanations, experiments)
for example:
Storms - Description and experiments
Lots of material about hurricanes, tornadoes and other storms and weather events; including experiments and rich illustrations - from NOAA kidspage

  • El Niño
What is El Niño
An introduction on the NASA Kids pages with links to further information

  • Biometeorology
Impact of climate change on human health
A short overview of possible impact - one page summary with comic illustrations
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