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  • General recommendation
Weather and atmospheric science web courses
The University of Texas Atmospheric science department provides several web courses, partially with interactive tests. The material can be valuable for secondary school students, but addresses primarily university students.
CLIVAR archive - transparencies and posters
Downloadable material on global circulation phenomena like El Niño, NAO, Monsoons, ... - from the International CLIVAR office

Test your knowledge about sea and land breeze
An advanced level interactive test with answers and explanations
Numerical simultion of the sea breeze and horizontal convective rolls

  • North Atlantic Oscillation NAO
NAO thematic website
Well structured website on NAO and related research by D.B. Stephenson Univ. of Reading
NAO Powerpoint presentation
Summary about NAO and its phases with many illustrations (slides sometimes not readable because too small), by Martin Visbeck
NAO overview article
Scientific overview article on NAO - mainly text based

  • El Niño
NOAA El Niño / La Niña page
Newest El Niño update and background information from US NOAA climate prediction center
ENSO Signal
Quaterly newsletter on ENSO and other issues from NCAR Service to Society

  • Biometeorology
Climate, Ecology and Human health
Overview article from 1997 (updated 2004) from US Global Change Research Information Service, text only
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