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Topic: People changing climate. Advanced.

Worksheet 2

1. Read the tell-tale map!

a) Look at the diagram, it shows temperature changes over the last 100 years in different areas of the globe.

annual temperature trends

1. Source: UNEP/GRID-Arendal, Norway

Where have temperatures increased the most? Are there places where the temperature has decreased? What consequences might there be for people living in these areas? Why do you think there are areas on the map without symbols – is it because the temperature hasn't changed or could there be other reasons?

b) Look at this diagram - it shows precipitation (rain and snow) changes over the past 100 years in different areas of the globe.

annual precipitation trends

2. Source: UNEP/GRID-Arendal, Norway

Where has precipitation increased the most? Where has it decreased the most? Were these places particularly wet or dry before the change? What connections can you see between this map and the temperature map above? What consequences do you think the changes have in the places affected the most?

2. Experiment: Gases dissolved in water

Pour soda water in two test tubes. Put one in a hot bath (hot tap water) and the other in a cold bath. Watch what happens in each of the tubes.

Can you explain what you observe? Can you use your observations to explain what will happen to the CO2 dissolved in sea water if the sea warms up?


3. Idea and illustration: Pål Kirkeby Hansen, Oslo University College, Norway

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