Worksheet 2.3

1. Release of aerosols into the atmosphere by human activity

Write down at least three of your daily activities which release aerosols into the atmosphere.


1. Sneezing man.
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2. Primary and secondary aerosols

How do primary and secondary aerosols differ?

3. High urban aerosol concentrations

Why do you think aerosol concentrations are higher in urban areas than they are in marine environments?

high aerosol concentrations

2. High urban aerosol concentrations

4. Aerosols with very long atmospheric lifetimes

Aerosols usually stay in the atmosphere for only a few days before they are deposited back to the ground.   Some aerosols, however, stay in the air for much longer.   Why do some aerosols have atmospheric lifetimes of months rather than days?

5. Inhaling aerosols at work

Many miners and industrial workers breathe small particles into their lungs while they are at work. What kinds of particles do you think are inhaled by:

  • coal miners? 
  • cotton/clothes factory workers? 
  • bakers?   
  • construction workers?
  • carpenters?
  • vets?


3. Baker.
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