Worksheet 2.1

1. Aerosols as CCN's

Which factors determine whether an aerosol can act as a cloud condensation nucleus?

2. More aerosols

What may happen to cloud formation and composition if the amount of aerosols in the atmosphere increases?

3. Contrails

The white trails behind aeroplanes (condensation trails - contrails) are actually small clouds.

a) Why do you think clouds are formed behind aeroplanes?

What can we deduce about saturation points and about the concentration of aerosols in the air around the contrails?


1. Contrails.
Photo: NASA

b) Use a pair of binoculars to have a close look at the contrail behind an aeroplane.  Can you see a gap between the planes engines and the beginning of the contrail?

Why is there a gap?


2. A plane.
Image: Microsoft clipart

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