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Exercise 1: The Irish Famine

Fill in this flow chart using keywords from the text to show the major characteristics of the Irish Famine:

1. Flow chart on the Irish famine by Florian Schäfer.

Exercise 2: The Bengal Famine

It's not only diseases which cause famine. The example of Bengal shows other important factors which may result in famine.

Using the information in the text, try to create an extended flow chart about the 1943 famine in Bengal.

What are the major differences to the Irish famine?

Exercise 3: Internet search

Use the internet to search for information about these two famines.  Try to get more detailed information about their causes and the consequences of the famines.  Compare the results: Which of the two is underrepresented on the internet and why?

Exercise 4: Future planning

You have read and found out about the consequences of these two famines and the affect of floods and droughts in the USA.  What would happen if these events occurred in the future?  What different measures are now in place to reduce or prevent such catastrophes?

Exercise 5: What has happened in your own country?

Have events like droughts, floods or diseases occurred in your own country or even in your local area? What were the consequences of these events?

Try and find information from different sources.  Have a look on the internet, contact the Ministry of Agriculture, farmers or older people from where you live.

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