3. Ozone and nitrogen oxides

Effect of ozone

As concentrations of ozone increase in the lower atmosphere, the gas becomes more and more harmful to humans.  Ozone concentrations vary greatly in the lower atmosphere.  Concentrations depend on the amount of air pollution, on how sunny it is and how quickly it is removed from the atmosphere.  We know a lot about how ozone is formed in the lower atmosphere and, as a result, we can try to minimise the negative impacts of ozone on human health.

Effect of ozone on humans and German limits on ozone levels.

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A person sitting still breathes about 5 to 7 litres of air every minute. A person running uses about 50 litres of air per minute.

  • T1

Mark on the graph when people most likely to be affected by ozone will have least problems doing physical activity.

  • T2

Mark on the graph when most people go for a run.

  • T3

On days with high ozone concentrations when would you advise people to do physical activity?


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Umweltbundesamt und Bundesländer: http://www.env-it.de/luftdaten/start.fwd


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